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Versatile wide tire that delivers efficiency in field applications and in transport. The GREEN XLR® 65 Series radial tractor tire was specially designed for excellent fuel economy, with a broad flat tread design for improved traction and reduced slip, while its large volume of air provides exceptional load-carrying capacities and excellent operator comfort, its modern design with low aspect ratio allows for high speed tractor application (40mph/65kmph). The tire has a larger footprint when compared to standard radial tires along with a flexible sidewall, good traction and low-wear tread compound, resulting in low soil compaction and increased tire life.

  • High tire volume with low inflation pressure provides high traction and greater soil protection
  • Best for soil tillage and on the road applications
  • Excellent driving comfort in the field and on the road
  • Strong casing, impact belts and special compound for extensive longer life



GRI GREEN XLR 65 termékleírás (PDF)


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