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GREEN XLR 95 SERIES, R1  is a special line of radial narrow tires for all types of cultivation, harvesting and spraying jobs, engineered with strong nylon/rayon carcass and impact ply to ensure efficient work, long life and provide high traction under heavy load. Its special tread compound provides high resistance against wear and cuts while its reduced tire width eases driving between plants without causing damage, hence contributing to higher yields. The round shoulders, lugs and tire height also protect seeds and crops, while delivering excellent traction, better directional stability and a high level of control with good self-cleaning properties.

  • Eliminating crop damage
  • Excellent farm productivity
  • High traction capacity and low slippage
  • Safe road use and maximum speed up to 50 km/h



GRI GREEN XLR 95 termékleírás (PDF)



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